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ProLon® Fasting Nutrition Plan

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Key benefits of ProLon

Cellular Rejuvenation (Autophagy)

A fasting induced miracle of biology called autophagy (which won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 20), cellular rejuvenation is key to your vibrance, emotions, performance, mental clarity,healthy aging and longevity.

Fat Focused Weight Los

Kickstart weight loss (on average 5 pounds), especially belly fat, while protecting lean body mass, (which althletes and performance minded will love). The key is your body thinks your fasting, while you're staying nourished.

Changed Relationship
with Food

In this 5-day journey, ProLon helps you to understand, appreciate, and change your relationship with food. You can successfully function without all the mindless eating and extra calories.

Improved Sense of Well-being

Your emotional well being is a huge benefit as most people after ProLon feel successful vs the other long term diets that set you up to quit. Feel empowered, rejuvenated, vibrant, and with more mental clarity.

Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

Clinically shown after 3 cycles of ProLon (15 days total), to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin is rejuvenating from the insdie out, which users come to love!

Convenient, Fits Into Every Lifestyle

The beauty of ProLon Fasting Nutrition is it is in 5-day cycles. We recommend doing at least 3 cycles a year (only 15 days). You can include ProLon into your already healthy routine with minimal disruption.

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ProLon 5-Days, essential to vibrant life!

Everyday we stress and intoxicate our body and mind with our current lifestyle, nutrition, environment we live under. As we age, our cellular capability to detox, recover and heal decrease and older senescent cells outnumber young vibrant cells.

Our ancestors had a natural secret to defend against accelerated aging and to rejuvenate younger cells: proLonged fasting (> 3 days). When Fasting, the body uses its reserves (fat and glycogen) for the first 2 days (Intermittent Fasting period) but when Fasting goes crosses to 3 days or more (the ProLonged Fasting Period), the body undergoes a next level of ‘protective and rejuvenative’ defense called Autophagy.

In modern days, we accelerate cellular damage and aging vs going into periods of Autophagy, recovery and rejuvenation.In 5 short days ProLon allows your body to go into a rejuvenating state, while consuming macro and micro nutrients to keep your body nourished.
Healthy Aging

Cellular Rejuvenation

Metabolic Support

Burn Visceral Fat

Protect Lean Muscle

Changed Relationship with Food

More Energy

Mental Clarity

Rejuvenated Skin

Backed by & continually advancing through science.

After two decades and tens of millions in Research & Development, L-Nutra (a leading Nutri-tech company) and The University of Southern California, led by Dr. Valter Longo were able to identify cellular radars that detect nutrition, called Nutrient Sensing Pathways, and to develop a 5 day Nutrition Program that nourishes the body while the food sensing pathways are not triggered and therefore providing the prolonged fasting benefits.

ProLon provides the body with healthy, plant-based ingredients that have been scientifically demonstrated to proved the body with optimal nourishment while not activating the key pro-aging pathways, or food sensing pathways — pathways which are activated by normal diets.

Get the benefits of fasting without getting exhausted...

Get the benefits of fasting without getting exhausted and burning off all the muscle. I resumed heavy weight lifting right after the fast. This really is a breakthrough.

I can’t recommend ProLon enough...

I discovered ProLon last January and I have been doing it consistently ever since then. It is a really great reset for your body, especially after holidays. It has so many different benefits, it curbs sugar cravings and helps me manage portion control.

I'm 50 years old with 2 small children...

I started ProLon and I'm telling you, it worked! I lost 6 pounds, I have no brain fog, I absolutely do not crave sugar right now which is insane and I actually feel amazing, I'm full of energy! I am so proud of myself, my husband did it with me, he lost 5 pounds, says he has never felt better.

What Our Customers Says

I expected to be hungry and then..

Sara Snyder

This was my10th Prolon fast

Robin Laabs

Amazing Program


I use FMD as a reset whenever I fall off the wagon!


Prolon leaves the guesswork out of..

Kimberley M.

it is a hard program but it works

Veronica Diaz

My first 5 day Fast

Julie S

Vibrance from the inside out through cellular clean-up.

Through the 5-day ProLon Fasting Nutrition Program your body will enter different stages of renewal and rejuvenation.

Day 1

Transforming to a Fasting State

The body transitions into a fasting state 
& fat-burning mode so it can begin 
cellular clean-up.

Day 2

Fat burning & Ketogenesis

Fat-burning ramps up, contributing to the initiation 
of ketogenesis (ketone production). By the end of this day (48hrs), ketosis may occur.

Day 3

Autophagy / Clean-Up State

Cellular cleanup (autophagy) begins. 
Fat-burning and ketone production/utilization 
continues and increases.

Day 4

Cellular Rejuvenation

Cellular cleaning/renewal & fat-burning continues. Your cells begin looking like younger versions of themselves. You're in the final stretch.

Day 5

Renewal & Change

Fast completed, cellular renewal continues beyond day 5. Sustained cellular recycling, rejuvenation, 
and renewal. Sustained ketosis may occur.

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